Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chitra in The Premonition

Found this still of LET'S GO FOR BROKE villain, Chitra (Neogy) in the 1975 movie THE PREMONITION, probably the first film she did after BROKE. Seen here with actor Jeff Corey (l).


  1. Recently watched the 48 Hours episode on Christa Helm and am interested in reading your book. Do you have a publication date (or is it already available)? Thanks!

    1. Appreciate the interest, thanks. Unfortunately, there are too many missing pieces in the story to publish a traditional biography. Besides her death, whole big sections of her life remain unknown and I have neither the time, the health or the money to research them any fuller.

      I may still attempt my revised idea to do a book on my efforts to DO a book but that, too, has had to be backburnered while I do what freelance work I can to keep myself and my family afloat in this economy.

      That said, I get new leads and new info almost monthly on her life and her death and the latter continues to be passed on to the Cold Case department. The case is far from closed.