Friday, August 7, 2009

Where is Alex Stevens?

Alex Stevens (seen here on WHAT'S MY LINE? in before and after pics) was the stuntman who played the werewolf on the late sixties-early seventies mega-hit DARK SHADOWS. He also did tons of movie stuntwork. In recent years, he has appeared at DARK SHADOWS reunions and yet no one can seem to find him for me. Can you? Any suggestions? Why? Well, I have now confirmed that Alex Stevens, whose glow-in-the-dark werewolf model graced by night table for many years, is the previously unknown stunt man friend of Christa's who was, in fact, the original, uncredited director of the Haiti sequences in Christa Helm's LET'S GO FOR BROKE. We would love to get his memories of the film but he seems to have relatively recently become hard to find! So any of you DARK SHADOWS buffs who come across this piece, if you can point me toward him, please email me at Many thanks!