Saturday, May 25, 2013

Original Broke Director Alex Stevens

I ran across another photo of Alex Stevens, the stuntman who was verified by Chitra to have been the original director of LET'S GO FOR BROKE's Haiti scenes. He was replaced by Producer Stuart Duncan with Ron Walsh when the production resumed in Florida after a holiday break. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lady J Ad!

Okay, now THIS is fascinating! Best size and resolution I could get without spending a fortune to access the VARIETY archives but this is a trade ad touting the 1975-76 releases from Joseph Brenner and Associates and one of them is LADY J, the still lost, supposedly re-edited version of Christa Helm's LET'S GO FOR BROKE! According to our previous information, while Brenner had the project for a couple of years, it was never released, even after announced intentions to do so in 1977 in order to exploit her murder! But, as seen here, they clearly were planning on releasing it in 1975!

Another Earl Wilson column--April 18th, 1973

Below: Stuart Duncan in 2010 when he ran for office.