Friday, October 21, 2011

Illusions of a Lady

This is the film that Christa Helm claimed to have co-written and produced. She was living with director Jonas Middleton at the time and according to one published newspaper report at the time left him when he insisted on adding hardcore footage to what apparently had been meant to be a softcore film. Her name appears nowhere in the credits. There is some question as to whether Christa had been meant to star in it originally but in the end she was replaced by future Disco Diva Andrea True. I finally found a copy of ILLUSIONS OF A LADY recently and it's hard to imagine it as anything but what it is. A few years ago, I exchanged a couple of emails with director Middleton who made only one more film, the haunting hardcore ghost story THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. He sent me his cell phone number and consented to be interviewed but it was almost immediately lost, along with his email, in a computer crash. If anyone knows how to get back in touch with him, I would appreciate any tips. Thanks!

Saturday, October 8, 2011