Wednesday, May 6, 2015

R.I.P. Alex Stevens

Tim Lucas reports the recent passing of Alex Stevens, best known as the DARK SHADOWS werewolf. Sadly, I was never able to contact him about LET'S GO FOR BROKE. Below is what I wrote on Facebook:

Alex Stevens was also the original, uncredited director of Christa Helm's LET'S GO FOR BROKE, shot in Haiti. He and Christa reportedly met while he was recovering from the major accident he had on the set of NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS. She recommended him to novice producer Stuart Duncan as director but when the production returned to the US, Stevens was replaced by Ron Walsh (a 2nd unit director on GODSPELL). Much of Alex's more serious footage was kept in the film while Walsh's new scenes were more lighthearted, making the whole picture seem schizophrenic.