Friday, January 22, 2010

Going For Broke in Haiti-1973

With Haiti so much in the news right now, it's interesting to note that Christa Helm's only starring vehicle was one of the first films to be shot in large part in Haiti. The horror stories from the cast and production people were many and varied but the bottom line is that it seemed like a better idea than it turned out to be. In fear of their lives to some extent, the cast and crew took advantage of a Christmas shooting break to pack up and move the remainder of the shoot to Florida. As much of the footage shot by original director Alex Stevens was not used when Ron Walsh took over at that point and the decision was made to take the film in a different direction, only glimpses of Haiti appear in the finished film.

Here are a couple clips regarding the filming, one from THE NEW YORK TIMES and the other from VARIETY, both courtesy of Ace Researcher Derek Tague.