Thursday, April 14, 2016

Lady J Trade Report-1975

From late July of 1975, 7 full months after LET'S GO FOR BROKE premiered in Cincinnati, came this trade mag report regarding the revised LADY J version of the film. The "above" mentioned were the other films in the previously posted Joseph Brenner and associates ad. So at this point, then, Brenner had not only clearly picked up the film for distribution but was apparently planning on it being their major release of the time period. What happened, then, that it remained unreleased and Duncan was still trying to sell it 2 years later after Christa's death? 

Note also the news that she had signed for a sequel. While it seems logical that Duncan would have kept an option on her for sequels if the initial release had gone well, why would she actually sign for a sequel to a movie that had not come out at all?

Always more questions.