Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jaqueline Mayro, Broke Co-Star

Actress Jacqueline Mayro, seen here onstage with intense actor John Savage in the early seventies, not long before she would co-star as the woman whose kidnapping sparks the plot of LET'S GO FOR BROKE. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Frank Raiter in Cincinnati

One of the unanswered questions regarding LET'S GO FOR BROKE is "Why was Cincinnati chosen for the premiere?" Producer Duncan told me he didn't remember and there seems no connection between Christa Helm herself and Cincinnati.  Here, though, we see Frank Raiter (l, above), who, along with Chitra Neogy, was the villain of the film. The page below is from the 1972-73 THEATRE WORLD annual by John Willis, and covers The Cincinnati Playhouse season . The Playhouse performed several shows, all with a repertory company that included... Frank Raiter. The season ended in May of '73 according to the page and we know that LET'S GO FOR BROKE was shooting towards that same year's end. When talk came of a premiere engagement at the end of '74, was it Frank perhaps who suggested Cincinnati?