Monday, April 18, 2011

RIP-Michael Sarrazin

By most accounts, he was the one man in Christa's life that she genuinely cared about. It may have been pure coincidence but, after her death, his career dwindled to almost nothing from what had been above the title starring roles in major Hollywood releases. Michael Sarrazin--Rest In Peace.


  1. Steve, I stumbled on this site of yours through catching a glimpse of a headline Michael Sarrazin, of whom I was a fan, was dead, only to find out it was in April.

    I then noticed the nature of the site, registered Christa Helm's name and image as possibly belonging to the Andy Warhol bisexual crowd David Bowie used to run with in the '70s, and clicked on the link to read her full story.

    I have a memory of reading about her murder in the '70s, possibly in the News of the World, almost definitely in the Observer, and certainly in at least one of the contemporary music papers, probably the NME.

    It's a sad story, and it's good you remind the world of it, but the sort of people who almost definitely took her out with extreme malice're almost certainly the same, anything goes, law-unto-themselves bankster bastards manipulating the stock markets, food prices, etc., and inviting people to buy shares in prospective artificial island societies with the unique selling point there'll be no laws to stop anyone doing anything.

    In short, once this 'cream of society' can permanently establish themselves beyond the reach of the law, there're kids in their millions who haven't even left the womb yet who'll live far more sordid and far more brief existences than even Christa Helm, and no one'll record they were even born.

  2. Regarding the comment about Sarrazin's career dwindling to nothing... he made over 40 other films after her death and she was with many other men during her brief tenure with Sarrazin. From August 1977 to December 1977, he was filming "Caravan" out of the country. He was not inactive in films in 1977 as believed.

    1. Thanks for the correction. I definitely misspoke when I wrote that 7 years ago. What I was trying to say is that the films he was top-billed in began to get progressively smaller and when he did get roles in bigger pictures, they were rarely if ever the lead anymore. As a fan of his since THE FLIM FLAM MAN and EYE OF THE CAT, both seen when I was a kid, I never understood why he didn't remain a bigger star. R.I.P.