Saturday, May 2, 2009

Michael Schlesinger on Christa

Originally published at Booksteve's Library on 6/12/06
Lifelong film buff, former Cincinnati resident, GODZILLA 2000 commentator and current Sony big shot Michael J. Schlesinger (also a former game show opponent of mine but that’s a story for another time) informs me that he actually attended the premiere of LET’S GO FOR BROKE! “Not only do I remember it, I went to that premiere--at the now-long-gone 20th Century--and even had my picture taken with her (have no idea where it is now). Damn sexy woman.” To emphasize how little publicity her death received, Michael, one of only a handful of people to whom I bow low when it comes to Tinseltown trivia, didn’t even know she was dead. “I had absolutely no idea that she'd been murdered, much less nearly 30 years ago.”
He then adds what was suspected all along, the fact that the film itself stunk. “I can understand why it was never released--it was simply terrible; the GINGER movies were GOLDFINGER in comparison.” As to why Cincinnati was chosen for the premiere, Schlesinger suggests that my theory of somebody involved having local ties is as good as any or that perhaps the city was simply chosen as a typical Midwest city.

Update-Unbeknownst to Michael who's been in Los Angeles for two and a half decades now, the 20Th Century Theater is still there. It just doesn;t show movies anymore.

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