Sunday, April 12, 2009

Update # 1 (5-6-06)

Still searching for more info on LET'S GO FOR BROKE, I ran across a brief Net note from ten years back where a gentleman was asking if anyone had ever heard of the film. He goes on to say that it premiered in Cincinnati and may not have been released anywhere else. This led me to the ultimately erroneous conclusion that someone involved in the making of the picture was perhaps from Cincinnati. That would explain my memory of a big ad campaign for a film no one's ever seen. He goes on to add that the biggest name in the cast was Eddie Egan, the former cop on whose life 1971's THE FRENCH CONNECTION was based. Egan appeared in a small role in THAT film and went on to an acceptable career as a character actor. This film would have been one of his earliest and was, as expected, NOT listed in his IMDB entry. Egan died in 1995.

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