Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Christa Helm Podcast

Recently Rene and myself, along with our original co-author and researcher John O'Dowd, participated in a podcast regarding the life and murder of Christa Helm for Movie Geeks United. Christa's daughter, various friends and acquaintances also appear and there are some new revelations in the mix. Give it a listen!


  1. Hopefully one day there'll be some answers for her poor daughter.

  2. I really think that they need to find Patti Collins--I think that they had the wrong one on the 48 Hours special. And it would not hurt to reinterview Rudy Mazzella's wife for information on what exactly Christa had stored in their house and if there was a beef between her husband and Christa.

    1. I spoke to Det. Brandenberg and he said they had direct evidence that the Patty Collins they spoke to on the show was--in spite of her protests--the correct Patty admittedly unlikely as that seems.

  3. Thanks for the update, Steven. I wonder what that evidence was. I guess there is a good chance that the person or persons who killed Christa did not necessarily get their DNA on her, or at least not under the fingernail clippings that were tested. I wonder if any DNA can be found on the jumpsuit or jewelry that has been saved.

  4. I wonder how they will proceed now! Is it possible that the killer's DNA could not be under her nails. What if the killer or killers put gloves on?